Sunday, November 27, 2011

A short update + Amethstory aqua gel Review

Hi all, I am BACK!!!

Miss me??! Being Thick skinned haha

Batam overall is not bad
but my own country is way better hehe
went for massage, jacuzzi and shopping~!!

I bought really cheapo stuffs
such as a ligploss, eyelid stickers,  for SGD$1 plus
most of them not more than $10..

But the most EX is my BF's present
30 plus..
hais who ask him to be my darling...

Not really a clear pic
1. 1 malian eyelid tape
2. 1 strawberry lipgloss
3. 1 K-ON Azusa maid figurine
4. LV purse
5. dollywink inspired long mascara
6. Cute contact lense casing Bear head
7. japanlower eyelashes

Will update more about batam trip tmr or very soon ^^
the shopping mall, FAB sea view and Yummy foods~

Next, will be a review on Amethstory aqua gel.. WEES**

Last frinday, i received this baby!~~ ^^
Used it once
after use the face feel smooth smooth (o>w<o)
upon rubbing on your face there will be jelly bits formed.

ratings 3/5

that's all for today
keep updated on my blog !~~
thank you

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