Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Review on Kracie rich lotion and Pink Skin N79 BB cream

Nice nice
Bought this from Sasa sales too!~~
$7.90 only Bought it for fun~~
just tried it
very jelly like texture~!!
extremely moisturizing``
hope no breakouts from this though.
Kracie brand if you are interested!~~

Next, after watching this Taiwan Beauty video, i decided to try this AWESOME product~~

Guess what am i looking at??

It is N79 skin BB cream~~

Personal opinions:  When applied very nude and smooth
got the natural pearly shine~~(^n^)

10 functions in one
1. control sebum
2. whitening

made of diamond essence***
that's all ~~

Thanks for viewing~~(^x^)/
love ya <33333

Pica college of ME~~


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