Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BEWARE OF FAKE MAC PRODUCTS + Review on Kiss me eyelashes

Hi, all fond of M.A.C products??
Always thinking of getting cheaper M.A.C products via online ???

My personal opinions is NO NO!~~

here is a video Fake Mac
and how it affect your skin and especially sensitive

and telling us what is the difference between the REAL and the FAKE M.A.C

Hope this is useful for you all out

Next is a Review on Kiss me eyelashes

it is really natural ^^ it is as if i am not wearing any lashes at all

camwhore time ^X^

Really comfortable too
Bought it last month but have not tried till now ><
cos it is too expensive ><

ratings 5/5
i will defintely buy it again despite its price
 byebye bye <333333

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