Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What you think you dont need but actually you need it so DONT throw away for girls only .

Hi all, ^^

Here a sneak peel of my NEXT giveaway!!~~

A gold diamond N79 skin BB cream sample ><

And a dollywink lower lash.. 2 pairs ><
there are still many more..
this is just a sneak peek ><

Next up, is about what you think you dont need but you need it (>x<)

What is this??
It is packaging for eyelash, i actually use it to store my eyelash as a eyelash case, as it reuse my eyelashes (^x^)
it is really convenient and cheap cause you dont need to purposely go and buy a new eyelash case (^x^o)
Right??? so next time dont throw away your eyelash packaging!!~~

Side track abit.. today i had a gen-ed presentation
i am so nervous and stressed.

and i was like HUH??!!

Then in the end, i got some good comments from the teacher
then i am like YAY!!~~~

That's all for today ^x^

And keep visiting my blog!!~~^x^
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE <33333333333

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