Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tsubasa blog candydoll make up translation

Hi all, i very happy to be managed to get this
Dollywink limited edition set!~
Volume mascara * Eyeliner set

Am sick now -.-
Cannot go school ZZzzz

According to her blog page

1)  you apply the candydoll make up base
2) You apply candydoll liquid foundation

in this manner

3) use a sponge to wipe off the excess and blend more properly
4) use Candydoll concealer 01 and 02 mix them together and use a sponge to wipe off excess
5) apply canydoll loose powder and precious powder
6) apply peach pink blusher using a brush
apply it this way ( below pic)

7) use strawberry pink blusher
8) use marshmallow purple highlighter to highlight cheeks
in this manner ( below pic)

9) use candydoll powder foundation
use it in this manner (below pics)

Finally you're done!!~~~

Personal comments: As much as i love tsubasa make up. However, i will think that it is too thick.
so will not do this make up myself.

That this is useful for you all
byebye <3333

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