Saturday, March 17, 2012

All about me part 1 !! X photoshoot picas

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Hello everyone today's post gonna be really wordy and longish...

since it is all about me...

actually i am doing this to let you all understand me more and reflect on what my actual preferences are

so here goes...

Actual name: Shermin
citizenship: Singaporean
age: 18+
languages used: english, chinese and japanese
hobbies: photography, sleeping, shopping and blogging!!
favourite skincare brand: loreal
favourite cosmestic brand: Dollywink
favourite contact lense: honey wing grey
favourite colours: white, black, pink
what inspire to dress up: after looking at popteen magazines!!
idols: lena fuji, dawn yang, hyuna and tsubasa
favourite song: troublemaker by hyuna
favourite foods: junk foods, fast foods

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Favourite bloggers: maguro relle, dawn yang, kiyomi and kelly konomi
scare of: vampires, insects, snakes, tigers, lions and ghosts >..<
favourite drinks: light cola, water, oolong tea, green tea and milk tea :D
favourite magazines: popteen, popsister, vivi and jelly!!

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that's all byebye!! <333333333

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