Monday, March 26, 2012

cucumber peels for tired saggy skin around the eyes?

Hi all! recently i just bought a new skincare item
and that is just like what the tittle suggest!

Cucumber peels!

because i have really really thick ugly dark eye circle due to my extremely tiring work and exams!


so cucumber to the rescue!!


really has the cooling effect on my eyes!!!

after using for 2 days my eye circles really did improve slightly i wish to see the obvious results after two weeks!

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and because it is so so effective i decided to use cucmber for my face too
like a mask too?

hopefully it works!

shall blogging about cumcumber skincare soon?

after i research more on it ?

that's all byebye!!



  1. I think cucumber is always good for your eyes! It leaves you refreshed and happy!

  2. yes cumcumber is totall good for the eye!!!