Sunday, March 25, 2012

the most natural way to contour a smaller face! ちさいのかおになります!

Hi all! こんにちわ!
i shall start with some personal rants first!
i finally quit my job! yay!

my boss is like a shit! >.<
hate her to the core 

then! cant wait for my payday!!

my job is so so tiring and boring !! always get scolded by my boss
gonna exercise more and study my japanese and sign up for the july JLPT!
hopefully i will pass ^^ cross fingers


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だも"front face" だけをつかいますね!

that is apply powder and foundation only at the front
exclude the sides of the face
because your face shade is usually darker than the powder

like that we can save on bronzer and $$ too
heheh and also it looks more way natural too!!


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1 comment:

  1. Oh thanks for the tips ^^ I would have a smaller face >_<
    I love your first picture!♥~