Tuesday, March 20, 2012

should i get a nose or cheek filler done?

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Hi all, today gonna be a post about me and my nose filler decision! >>.<<

ok.. i started working in my holidays now just to save up to do a nose filler
and the rest goes to my parents...

Hopefully, everything turns out fine :D ( pray hard, cross fingers)!!

it is really expensive too and yet cheaper than surgery

really hard & tough decision here!

because it will mean lesser new clothes, shoes and comestics for me!!

well.. well.. but in the end if i ended up to be as pretty as i desire maybe it is all confirm worth well!!

so so so i am still deciding

meanwhile i done a lot of research on it too..

after i done it i will do a review for you all ok?? promise ( if i ever do it in the 1st place??)


btw, school results out today morning and i got a GPA of 3.1 +++ :( shall continue to work hard at least a 3 i guess :DD

that's all for now


love you all for reading my boring and rubbish blog <333333333

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  1. Wow! Good job on your schooling! I think you are so pretty! : D You don't need fillers!