Thursday, March 29, 2012

japanese drinks and foods are interesting!

Hi all! so i went out with one of my besties today ..(\^V^/)

so as the title suggests..

i am gonna share with you all common japanese drinks and food..

that i find absolutely yummy and interesting

first up! japanese health drink..
the packaging alone look so cute and tempting already..

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another drink...

                                           the label " GET YOU GOING" looks so tempting here....

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                                  so as for the food...
                                i only managed to try one only..

                               this is one of the japanese pancake! woolaaa so kawaii right the cow ??

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okkk.. so the side view of it...

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i ordered the strawberry ice cream flavour..

i am soo in love with this!! >.<

it kinda of melt in your mouth thingy...

by the way i caught a movie called "Breaking wind" today
it is a comedy

it is really sexually rated >.<
dont really like it
feels that it is so disguisting throughout
but really funny at times ...

so ya, that's all for today!!
byebye see ya!!<33333


  1. Wow! I think japanese food and drinks are always weird!

    1. to nana: Yup i do think that they are weird but weird in a yummy and kawaii way!!! hehe!! ^X^

  2. I love Japanese foods and drinks! They're all so yummy~ ^o^

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