Wednesday, March 14, 2012

special nose contouring technique X tsubasa new song SOS PV !~~ X soulja new PVs

Hi all, gonna share with you all a special new nose contouring technique
that i saw from one of the bloggers that i like to always view

golly locks! heard of her before??
she like japanese gyaru just like me!! >.<

so here is her video!!

personally, i dont really like this song but tsu-chan looks so cute here! (o>.<o)

i absolutely love this Soulja PV the couple is so so cute!!!
pretty yunkoro and her boyfriend!!! <3333 ENVY!!

and here is another PV too!!

cute nana!!!

tried a new look with my new eyeshadow palette today
like this look alot!! >..<

so i camwhored!! hehhee ## shameless!

that's all for today yea?


gonna turn in now! >.<



  1. Do you know if there are download links for these songs? ^^

    1. you can try whereby you convert the video into mp3 downloads?