Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CAp madness!!

Hi guys!!

REcently i am so in love with korean caps!!
especially those with their tops flipped up and have really nice wordings on it! >.<

So i am gonna share with you all my newest cap!! <3333333


This cap is from korea's Stylenanda!!!!!

i ordered this online and waited quite long for its final arrival!!!!!!!!!!!
and i am so happy finally it is my hands now!!!!!!!!!!!


Absolutely loving!! <3333
So shagged now with my crashing in projects!!!!!!!!!
and my dear dear is not back yet!!!!!!!! T.T
Hais 3 more days until he is finally back!! >.<
cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Going to sleep now soon already
So tired already still need do project -.-
So that is all for now yea..

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