Thursday, May 2, 2013

Larme 004 issue preview sharing!!


Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am now blogging in advance for tmr post hahahha

today gonna share with you all my finally arrived LARME magazine !!

damm excited can!!

cos inside got my fav models inside especially YUI !!!!!!!!!!!!!


and it is not available for sale in my country so i need to specially order this book online! :o

 Look at YUI kawaii face!!!!!!!! ENVY!!!
their black clothing stye: Black alice so vintage :3
 and their AMOS and YUI Q&A time!! hhehehe
 i can understand abit though :) hhehehe

their dolly hair make / hairstyles







Meanwhile i als bought myself a korean 3CE concealor online to try out for myself too!!!

hhehe i will review on this soon!! so wait for this yea?? hurhur...


So that is all for this sharing now
byebye and i will  cya soon!!!!!! <333333333333   

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