Friday, May 31, 2013

2nd monthsary with boyfie! X korea's clio's 0.05mm brush liner short review!


Hello !!~~

i ams super happy today because in like 3 days time we are going to be 2 months old in our relationship already ..
so blissful :))

like finally!!

So here is advanced gift from him.. dont know how he found the gift card though
like it alot because he is my bear hehehehhe

and i haven gotten him his pressie yet.. cos we was late for the meeting today with the seller >.<
will share what i have gotten him here later on though hehehheeh <33333333

and i promised him i will prepare some homecook meal for him, so i prepared this lunch box for him



and he has got this cute app which i forgotten the name ..


On our way back home we took videos and selcas lol!!!!!!! XD

Short review on korea's Clio 0.05mm brush liner here
Effects: 3/5 it is really ultra thin but it is rather hard for me to draw on .. >.< will try it harder again the next time.. as i really prefer easier application..
Packaging: 3/5 chic?
Price: 3/5 quite costly for me as i am still a student and i bought it at its full price >.<
Will i repurchase this again?
Prolly No!
So that is all for now byebye<333333333

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