Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kracie green tea facial wash review

Hi guys!!


So today just will be gonna share a short review on my new facial wash with you all which i just bought recently..


i bought this because it seems to be quite sellable and my sister keep saying it is very good! lols.. and it is from japan too!! so i just have to try it myself hehhehe...

effects: i had a little outbreak,.. dont know whether it is due to my PMS a not though >.<
packaging: 3/5 normal ..
price: 4/5 affordable :))

will i repurchase again??
maybe not sorry!! >.<

So recently, i am very in love with LARME magazine so i ordered one and when it finally arrives i will share with you its contents heheheheh

and i am waiting for new stylenanda HELLO cap to arrive too >.< cant wait!!!!!! damm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i just bought myself a new demin top and a maroon color shorts too hehhehe happy!!!!!!! :))

so that is all for now yea...



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