Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Japan's Kao eyemask steaming eyemask review

Hello!!~~~ (^~^)//

So today i am gonna share another review on one of my recent online hauls.

Which my japan kao steam eyemask!

i bought it because my sister was crazy about it and kumicky uses it too on a often basis!!
hurhur so i just got to buy some to try out for myself.

Effects: 4/5 my eyes felt the warmth amount just nice and comfy, my eyebags are alittle less visible with quite obvious instant results :)
Price: 3/5 quite costly..
Packaging: 4/5 it is pink and it look quite nice!! :))

will i repurchase this again?
maybe yes.. hehhe i quite like this! but i am quite lazy to do eyemask :o

Meanwhile yesterday while shopping i bought this lash glue too to try out from japan :3

wait for this lash glue review too yea?? <3

So that is all for now yea.. byebye<333333

will update soon :) wees!~

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