Saturday, December 20, 2014

My holidays have just begin and what have i been up to recently??

Hi peeps!!

Since it is my holidays now which means I will be having more free time on my hands to blog more often nowadays!!

For the past few days I have been watching a lot of dramas online and movies & shopping abit of cos for my bf Xmas pressie and my skincare and clothes etc!!!! @~@!!!


For the past few days , I watched Exodus, Dumb and dumber 2, the Pyramid with bf!!
and I hate the Pyramid the most because I was too afraid of that damm movie!! >.<

& at home I watch and play my mobile game called "Pirate King" my bf introduced me to it !!! LoL!

Side track abit.. this month my sweetest bf gave me a surprise for our monthsary by buying me my expensive skincare product "Liriko"!!!! <3333 I was like WOAH!!!

feeling damm pampered and after so long he still bothered to surprise me.. so sweet right???

Exodus was quite ok .. didn't really the bloody scenes insides though...
and I like dumb and dumber 2 the best lol!!

I also went to watch a Taiwan movie only featured in Shaw threatre  "Women Who flirt" too it was full house today O_O and that movie I must say is damm hilarious I laughed from the start to the ending really damm funny!!!! >W<
and I am a super big fan of Sonia Sui!! <333333333 She is like damm gorgeous but her role in this movie is damm shitty la but I like watching her though lol my bias!!! So I had to watch this movie !! LOL!!


Meanwhile I bought a Ance cleaner from Nature Republic online recently too!!
As it is not available in my country this Korean brand -__-!!


I only used it a few times only
I will be a doing a review on it soon though.. so stay tune to it if you are interested to know about it lol..

So that is all for now yea!!!
Xmas is coming soon!!


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