Wednesday, January 29, 2014



Hi peeps!!

It is so gonna be the end of the Jan and I am so so so looking forward to Feb because it is end of intern soon!! All my misery gonna end real soon!!!!!!!!!! I really cant wait !! >.< and super de look forward to!!! Wahaha!!! Just now I was rushing out my reflection log and typed out 6 long reflection essays non stop for a mere few hours as deadline is today!! >.<  ARGH!!

Everyday wakeup so early and sleep late and like zombie mood and only alive when it is end work time ! >.< ~~

Every day worry about my booking although I am just a mere intern there. Hais shagged life. I know I have been ranting about this issue non stop because I really dread it there. T.T

My twinie is worse than me. >.<

I have not been shopping much lately so no new hauls.. I remembered buying a Monster university mini purse to store my earrings... and a CNY Collared shirt for boyfie..



Things have been on a rough side with boyfie .. because of some issues which I really cannot tolerate and bear with any longer until my very sudden outburst... hopefully things will turn out fine eventually...

This is really getting on my nerves every now and then whenever I happened to think about it the slightest... >.<

There is a saying " Things doesn't last forever, and I was once a fool to believe it actually does.."

"I shall channel all my energy and love more for myself now.." I always said this but when will I ever do this and stop all my pain?? Only god knows best.

That is all for now :)


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