Thursday, June 19, 2014

New drama updates!~

Hi everyone!!

         Photo: Watching emergency couple
ever since I quitted my shitty part time job last week I have been been slacking at home comfortably!!
hehhe I need a break before school term starts for me again :O
hence I decided to stop earning some side cash for myself and be thifty abit..
hopefully I can do it :(
So I have been at home searching for some kdrama to watch and  I ended with this really fantastic
kdrama which has been quite a buzz recently
it is called "Emergency Couple"
I know the female lead from "Running man" and the guy from "The Inheritors"  
and I saw a lady watching this drama from her mobile at the mrt earlier on..
and I wondered what the title is ... lol!! and I found it now..
storyline is not too bad too either... and once I started watching this I was so addicted !! >.<
so I decided to share this drama to my readers if I had any??? lol!! >.<

I am currently half way through the drama now already!
you can watch it via this link below!!
Meanwhile I have been reading up also.. preparing abit here and there for my uni
lol but I am addicted to kid books like "Mr Mystery" series..
and I business book called "Selling the dream"
so that is all for now !!

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