Tuesday, June 24, 2014

k drama reviews and my new book review!

Hi there!!

                                           Photo: I do something That makes me feel guilty every day once but sometimes I do compensate myself for it.. So that makes it a balance ?? Lol #solyingtomyselftomakemefeelbetter
I don't like to spend my holidays doing nothing except my must do household chores so I am here blogging about  my recent life at home when is away at work and I am alone without twinie because she has to work lol!!...

So as the title suggest I became a kdrama addict, besides watching these dramas which I do most of the time now..

I am also doing some reading here and there previously as I mentioned... and I had a new book called
"Bringing up Bonsai"


I decided to borrow this cute book besides its cover and is because I love the storyline summary written behind it and it is recommended by the famous author " nora Roberts" herself .. O_O!!

it is about this lady known as Penelope who is trying her best to get over things with her ex husband
Glenn and meanwhile she decided to adopts her a cute little puppy to accompany her..
then she met this cute guy known as Dylan who thinks of her as the most gorgeous lady her ever seen but he is an ex con.. so he is trying hard to get a new life and also proving himself to Penelope that he is better than her ex husband and wants to be with her...and this dog happens to be their matchmaker or something.. lol...

and I had already read one quarter of it already ... it left me keep on reading the pages.. it is quite entertaining and it doesn't really left me bored, but.. not as interesting as my kdrama though.. lol!! >.<

I have following two other kdramas which has been very popular these days

these dramas are called "You who came from the stars" and "The prime minister and I"

First drama "The prime minister and I"



I want to watch it because it is featuring my  all time bias - Snsd yonna shi!!

and the second drama " you who came from the stars" because of my recent obsession with iope products which I will be reviewing and sharing with you all very soon!!~~


if you are bored and nothing to do, please do watch these dramas they are terrific!!

Meanwhile yesterday was on a date with boyfie and we watched a sad romantic movie which has a very good rating in the cinemas called the " The fault in our stars"


it is quite a nice movie really makes me glad that I am healthy and all fine now and the same goes for boyfie too ! so touching I did tears alittle though T.T! I did some stuffs from it.. like reminding me that life is precious, for some it is a battle everyday for them... and cherish your loves ones etc... 

so that is all for now!!


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