Saturday, June 7, 2014

Our 14th monthsary!!

                        Photo: Dear boyfriend  stop

Hi all!!

Today will be just be another post on how we spent our 14th monthsary!!!
I cant believe we had been so long together boyfie thought so too!! >.<

he wanted to buy me another Pandora charm - a home sweet home charm but I refused because I wanted makeup and skincare products more >.<

hahaha and he give in to me hahha! - 2 skincare products and one lippie for me <3333!~

I gotten him a three quarter Levi's pant $_$

That particular day we dined at Hoshino Coffee Café!!

their menu and environment looks so attractive to me.. so I decided to dine there with boyfie since boyfie always let me choose the place!! wahahaha!!

Here is a snapshot of what I ordered
boyfie ordered their house special Hoshino coffee and their Hokkaido milk cheese soup sphagetti O.O!!

Mine is their Sakura iced latte and cream cabonara! hehhehe!

Photo: #throwback at Hoshino coffee cafe

So if you are fond of Japanese cuisine and desserts you can try dining there too!! :3
their foods there is quite tasty but a bit pricey >.< !

After that we went on to catch the movie " The edge of tomorrow!"

Which boyfie always wanted to watch since we saw it's trailer earlier before hehhe!!


It is quite an interesting movie for me though..
Quite not bad O.O after all!!

Afterwards, we went to dine together with his family to celebrate father's day !!

Photo: boyfie feeling handsome face side by side my selfie. I love placing my photos besides his because it makes me feel that I am always by his side (^∇^)

So that is how we spent the whole day!

Because of my boyfie I am so thankful to be myself every single day! <333

so that is all for now!!

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