Thursday, June 26, 2014

my fav skincare obession!!~~


Hello peeps!!~~

today I will be sharing my fav skincare routine with you all!!

Recently, I just bought Shiseldo White lucent toner at half price at their ware house sales to try this amazing product out myself!! >.<
I queued quite long for it!

so here is my review for it after using it for a few weeks close to one month!


Effects: 3.5/5 no breakouts so far! but there is a tight feeling when applied.. slight whitening effects I think??
Packaging: classic and elegant :))
Price: 1/5 it is dam expensive
Scent: 2/5 chemical smell?? lol! 

will I repurchase it again??
yes!!! but if I have the money ... lol as I will be back to poor student life next month and there is not always sales.. lol!! maybe I want to try out other products too because this is too costly...

Next, I will be sharing with you all my recent fav mask too!!

Odbo vitamin C essential brightening mask!!

So here is my verdict!!~~~
                      Photo: Doing an awesome mask review on my blog soon

Effects: 4/5 really love the feel on my face.. not too rich didn't cost me any outbreaks.. cure my slight redness :))
Packaging: 3/5 simple.. quite hard to tear open..
Price: 3.5/5 quite affordable for now.. but as the availability get lesser it is more and more ex..
as I cant find this in any sg retail shops..sighs..
Scent: 3/5 slight pleasant scent..

will I repurchase this??
Yes!! of cos!! I really love this mask! that is if I can still found them around since they are so d))am exclusive in korea only .. T.T >.<

So that is all for now!

Ciaos !! Cya soon!! <3333333333333

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