Monday, June 16, 2014

Korea Snail white mask review!!

Hi there!!! It has been a really really long time since I did a last review here!!! >.<
Guilty me!! I have been shopping for skin care for a long time since my pay day and boyfie bought me some too but I have been too lazy to review and had already tried some of them out myself already and am loving them!! <333

so today since I have just quitted my damm pathetic job so I have the mood and the time to review my new mask!! hehhehee

like a finally right??! >.<

Today I will be reviewing on one of my latest new haul my Snail White mask!!

Why I decided to purchase one to try it out??

I have been buying plentiful of whitening products these days ever since my korea trip

and this popular masks have been appearing on my fav bloggers blog post reviewing on how awesome this is and all the adverts I see on facebook too!!

and I am like... I am so gonna try this one day??!!
and I finally had the chance to do so today!!
happy much!!
because I was shopping with twinie and I happened to see this mask available too and I am omg!I have to get this!!! Although I already have so many masks at home......
their snail white cream tester I tried inside the shop was really smooth!! @~@
but I am not a fan of snail products so I can only stop at one piece of mask only...although I am entitled to regular discount by the shop owner but I still cant stand to bear with putting snail stuff on my face all the time >.< I am EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! hahhahah

This masks has a lot of effects in it and one of rhem includes whitening so I must definitely get it!!
Photo: Bought the famous snail white mask to try out  because I want to be fair. 白いの肌大好きですよね。

Above is how it look like and my look of the day!!

Effects: 3/5 obvious whitening effects! but I doesn't really soothe my really minor outbreak at my cheeks area??
Price:3/5 hhaha since I am entitled to some discount by the kind boss!! hehehhehe!!
Packaging:3/5 simple ?? instructions are all written in Korean so I am like so hard to understand so I just place it on my face for like 30 mins and I am done!!

will I repurchase it again??

maybe ?? I am not so sure because as of now I still prefer my other masks which I see better effects and I will blog about them soon??

end of review!!

Meanwhile let me show you all a sneak preview of my other masks which boyfie bought for me earlier on and I haven't tried out yet while having our date out at jurong point area!!

Korea's VDL sheet masks~

                         Photo: Trying out VDL masks sheets

newpaper feel plus vintage packaging right??? @~@!!!
cant wait to try these out and review on these soon too!! #>.<#

Photo: #noedit #nofilter  I was there once, thinking I was most pathetic shit back then, lucky I met boyfie

So that is all for now yea!!

I will blog soon again!!!<333333333333333

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