Thursday, August 14, 2014

Innisfree white tone up toner review

Hi peeps!!

I am finally back with another short review on one of my new skin care products that I have been using recently and quite like!! hehehe :3

it has been quite a while since I took selfie together with boyfie these days...

Because he is so super cute and handsome so I look ugly beside him ...-.- so seldom take photos with him these days.. LOL!! just kidding !!But he really is good looking!! @~@ jealous me!!!

We went to the supreme court together with twinie a few days back
and he gotten me this on the way!!

Super cute right???

Ok so here is my review!!

Pardon me I am so lazy to take a photo of it myself I decided to grab its image off the websites..>.<
Credits to them!!~~
Effects: 3.5/5 I don't really notice any visible effects, it doesn't really break me out so I am ok with it!!^^ But hopefully will see results soon after using it longer or at least till I managed to finish one whole bottle of this....
Scent: 4.5/5 Smells super nice of mixed berries scent!! Super love its scent, smells refreshing too!!<333
Packaging: 4/5 Pure white nice!!<33 simple!! Made of recyclable material because innisfree support being environmentally friendly hahaha!! 
Price: 3/5 hahaha boyfie gotten this for me as one of our monthsary pressie so ... hahhaha if bought directly from retail it is still so costly T.T it is cheaper online!!
Will I repurchase it again?
maybe yes?? hahaha I love this product but I am still yet to see its visible results for me >.< to help me achieve the milky white facial complexion.. 
Lastly, he gotten me this precious Hera limited edition UV cushion too
Which I am gonna review soon!! Hopefully it is another good product for me!! >.<

Photo: my bf bought this !!

So that is all for me now!!

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