Saturday, August 23, 2014

HERA UV cushion review!


Hi peeps!!!

Today, I am gonna blog about my review on HERA limited edition UV cushion !! Which my boyfie bought for me online!! hehehe :3! And it is in shade C21 the cover series!

                 Photo: my bf bought this !!

Effects: 4/5super love its whitening effect!!! But because the coverage is too heavy for me so I need to be always careful on not to apply too much.. >.<
Price: 3/5 Pricey T.T
Scent: 3/5 neutral those normal skincare cosmetic slight scent??
Packaging: 5/5 love its packaging unique

Will I repurchase it again??
Yes??? But not cover series perhaps natural series but I do love this product overall!!


Hope this is somehow useful for you all!! So that is all for now!!!
Bye Bye!! <333   

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