Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kpop updates my recent obession!!

Hi peeps!!

Today is another mini kpop update here!!

First obsession is

Apink latest showtime episode!!!

Cos they are seriously super cute and pretty inside!!!!

And I am a big fan of APink for a long long time already I even watched the last seasons ones too!!!
This season is much better I much say..

If you are bored or same as me a pink fan you all should watch this too!!!>.<

I have attached the link here for ep 2 since I am watching now hehehe !! :3
Next my recent Kpop music video obsession is Hyuna shi - RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is like so gorgeous and sexy in this video, at first I don't really like the song until I watched and listened a few more times I start to like it and her style inside is so woah!! O.O!!! 
and I am a Hyuna's fan too!! Since her troublemaker debut!! 
one live performance link video here
So that is all for now!!
Cya soon!! Stay tune!!

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