Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review on Silk whita Collagen Eye masks


Today, i gonna do a review on my silk whita collagen eye masks that my mum bought from SASA
and we completely forgotten about it. Until, we do a house clearing...
Luckily, it is not expired yet. (0^W^o)
I really need because my past exams, i have been burning midnight oils non stop and during the holidays which is like now. I am still staying up to watch movie or dramas online. hehehe..

This brand is very famous in Hong kong, and is being featured before in a very famous taiwan beauty magazine. 女人我最大

Texture: (4/5) Rich though leaving a moist and after that a bit tight feeling around the eye areas.

Effects: the condition around my eye did improve slightly after once usage. As in not so dry and lifted up. 

Price: very ex, but i vaguely remebered.

Will i buy them again??
maybe? since it is very expensive.

Overall, i like this hehe!~~(^X^)

Next, is some pictures that i took outside that i found them cute and interesting.
And i want to share it with you all !>O<
hehehe (^#^)

thanks for viewing <333

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