Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some interesting beauty facts and gyaru updates...



So many facial masks for me to use!~~

Happy happy!~~

hehe isnt this uber cute?? (^o^)

ok recently i have read one read interesting articles on how falsies affect out real lashes

But sadly, my real lashes are way too short already and i really need falsies.

here is the link below!~~

After reading this, i freaked out..
i am really thinking of alternatives though...

Next, the gyaru update will be on Jun komori new latest hairstyle
link below~~

Personally, i wont but this hairstyle as i am still young and i love long hair.
heheh maybe when i am older and more mature perhaps?? who knows?

By the way, do you love my daily updated blog
i do my best every day to update
hope you all like i though?? ^X^
please do comments!~~


1 comment:

  1. Hello!~ of course I like that you update daily, I really like your posts :D

    I didn't know that false lashes or glue will cause damage >.< I also had my eyelashes short, so look for something natural to do growing up~~ I know many people say that "mamey oil" (I don't know as they say in English mamey >n< sorry) or almond oil make eyelashes grow~ *-*
    I haven't used but a while ago I bought a mask eyelash chamomile extract (of any brand in particular, in fact I think that is not recognized T.T~) and made me grow eyelashes!!

    I use very little because I don't usually daily makeup and false eyelashes almost never use :(

    I hope you serve something, by the way the hairstyle is great! is cool ~ I also love long hair!

    have a nice day! ^^