Saturday, December 31, 2011

Summary of 2011 and Goals for 2012!~~

Hello everyone!~~

Happy 2012!~~

So i am gonna do a short summary of how i spent my 2011...


I get to learn japanese and obtained my first N5 international japanese certificate with all A s!~~


I get to know my boyfriend and together with with him.
( 11 mths together already...)


i managed to survive my semster 1 polytechnic education while dating

i haven gotten more readers and followers too!~~~~
i gotten myself a proper camera, ringlight and camera stand. ( which i always wanted long long ago!~~)

So my goal for 2012 is...

1st: Is to put on lighter lighter and lighter make up just like
my super super idol
Lena fuji!~~
and also i realised that more people prefer light and natural make up too!~~ (>.<)
2nd: continue to work hard and achieve good results hopefully

3rd: continue to blog daily hopefully

4th: Slim down hopefully.

5th: Be a better person

Overall, year 2011 is quite a stressful yet fruitful year for me..

What about you??
love year 2011 like me??/

that's all


  1. For my 2011 wasn't a good year :( well~ I think this will be better ^^
    Good luck with your resolutions I'm sure that will fulfill
    Happy 2012!
    That in this 2012 never missing a dream to strive for, no plans to do; there's always something new to learn and that ever has someone you can love. Receive my best wishes! <3

  2. Reply to Dalii:

    I hope year 2012 will be a better better year for you!! >.<

    And good luck and have a happy new year!

    Let's work hard together!^v^