Wednesday, December 28, 2011

K palette Contest!~~ Canmake pink cream blusher review!

Hi hi!~

Do you all know about the on going K-palette contest ??!!

Join in and you stand a chance to win a Japan K-palette eyeliner!

link below

This only applies to singapore i think?

All you have to do is to share their pic and like it.
hehehe easy right???

More infor can be found in that link.

Goodluck Peeps!~~

Next, i want to do a review on the pink cream CANMAKE blusher that
my boyfriend got for me (>o<)

I wanted this long long ago ever since i  saw lena fuji endorsing it.
After Seeing her so pretty in some advertisments. Somemore, it is from Japan!~~~ I was sold. (O.o)
I want to buy this!~~
(which i forget to do so.. after finally my Bf got me this)


Bought from Watsons!~~ (^v^)//

Effect: 5/5 absolutely love it, as i wanted to get it long long ago after watching
a japan beauty variety show....
Very natural, i apply it only with out any more powder blush as it is more natural look and nicer.
As it is able to blend well into my cheeks. It remains there for a long time.

Price: (4/5) Affordable around $18?? Cant remenber clearly though.

Texture: (5/5) Very smooth, refined and creamy, thus easy to blend well. Not pigmented. (>0<)

Side note: I used to think that blusher is not important because i started out with powder blush
and it makes my make up seems so so heavy!~~ And i totally hate it!~~ (>Q<)
At that point, i wasnt aware that a cream blusher existed so i skipped the blusher always even though i had it. But after browsing at some japanese magazines, i realised that all japanese models wear it.
So i try wear a wee bit of blusher then i another side without.
I finally realised that Blusher can give me a pink and healthy glow to my face and also
achieve a kawaii look too. Then i chanced upon a japan beauty variety show introducing cream
blusher ... Further telling me that blusher can kinda change your face shape too!~~

Overall, i love this Fab product!~~

will i buy this again???

Yes, but maybe i will want to try other colours too. hehehehe
That's all byebye
and thanks alot for viewing...


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