Thursday, December 29, 2011

West coast plaza! An outing with my besties

Hello everyone!<3

My favourite drink now
Japanese oolong tea from Daiso.
It is totally 0 kcal. hehehe bonus: have slimming effects too
taste not too bad either hehehe. 

Although i have been living in Singapore so long yet i have never been to this place
called WEST COAST PLAZA ever before my whole life!!~ (>o<)
The best is that i never heard of its existence before too!~~

But we all have a great and fun day! i must admit.hehehe..~~

We managed to find out this place, is because we were initially looking for some flea market to shop shop but when we reached there we still could not find it. So we just shopped and hang around the west coast plaza mall itself.

At the basement, my sister and i bought some really cheap pieces of clothings!~~

Before that, we stopped by some japanese supermart. We saw these japanese snacks..

Some random and nice shopping mall decos ....

hehehe, meanwhile we entered some arcade and played ourselves silly

After all this, we went ahead to the market place opposite, we passed by an
electronics shop

and guess what??!!
I bought a huge camera stand for just $35 only.!!

Normally online and other retail shops they sell 100 ++ dollars
and its original price was $70 ++ and they were having a promotional discount!
My dream of having one huge camera stand finally come true!!
Happy max!~~

This one is a test shot!~~
hahaha i am not inside though

Will update in another post what are the cheap fab items that we bought
so stay tune yea ?!~~


  1. Outings with friends are fun! ^^/
    Great that you found your huge camera for cheaper in my case happens to me but when I bought the product! is frustrating T.T
    Oh yeah! I'll wait for your next post :D

  2. Yesh~ outings with love ones is GREAT!~~
    thank you thank you for reading my blog and commenting! hehehe ^v^

    Have a nice day ;D