Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review on Taiwan princess lashes

I bought this in a flea market
hehehe at an amazing price of $5..
i decided to buy this because it resembles dollywink no.1
and liz lisa lashes dolly sweet series...
And they are so highly recommended in the Taiwan beauty variety show!!

Invisible string!~~

How do i look when i wearing these fluffy lashes??
Naisu?? (#>x<#)

Design: 3/5 Fluffy and gentle, not so intimidating. Not so unique.
When wore, it creates the dolly eye fluffy look. However, it does not create the big eye effect (#>~<#)
Very natural looking.

Length: 5/5 just nice. (o^~^o)/

Comfort: 5/5 very comfortable. because it is very soft and fluffy :D

Will i buy these again: YES!!!

hehehe. lucky me being able to buy this at so cheap!!

i bought the only one box though hehehe happy happy


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