Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Recent updates...

Hello all i know i have been missing for days.. but this all because of my stupid
exams >.<
T.T really stressful and tiring i really hate this!! >.<
Hais so here are som photos.. from my recent.. hapenings..
Photo: Iil surprises along the way ..

                              Photo: Fake is becoming a trend.. So I won't trust anyone anymore get it ?

                               Photo: Experimenting new look Today !! hehe

lols.. me without fringe and red liptsick on...

                                Photo: Like a child I ask for the impossible .♥

and my new love heels!!
hehhehhe cant try to wear them out!! :))

                                  Photo: my new heels

So that is all for now yea.. byebye <333333

xoxo till after my damm exams...


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