Thursday, February 28, 2013

Personal thoughts

Hello all!~~

i am in a world that nobody really understand me and can help me properly..

because i dont even know what i want in the first place..
at this age, i feel so lost.. and aimlessly wondering around .. each day..
just hoping to score good grades and do things that i like and need to do..

this is my life..
relationships kind of make this whole situation so complex and tough for me to handle
because all my feelings are so mixed up... due to reallly bad experiencess..

i know i am being emo here again but i really cant help it >.< forgive me :(

Do you know the same as i do right now??

my goal is to work as a tour guide in the future and get to japan or korea !! :)
damm excited at this thought!!

For my relationship wise, my partner cant fufil my needs at all..
he just there for companion ... so we were not even talking to one another now..
i think it is time for me to finally let go and walk ahead ..

my whole family disapprove of him too..
whenever we argue he will be so cunning and turn and twist his words around and not understanding towards me at all..

what is the point of going out with some one like this?
tired of everything tired of my parents 's scoldings tired of his intolerance tired of giving him his needs..

does he really know what i actually wanted and needed?

i bet no.
hahha so sad but true..

i guess this goodbye is real this time...

since i made this decision i will not turn back anymore..

i am going for interview on monday soon gonna blog about it if i succeeded hahhaha

ok that is all for now !!! :p

byebye <333

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