Monday, February 4, 2013

Finally reviews again!!

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hello all!!~~~
Chinese new year is coming soon!!~~ hehhehe Wishing you a happy CNY!!!!!!!!!!

gongxi gongxi!!!!!:)) happy snake year!! :p

So i bought this MARIMO!! :)) hehhe so nice and cute right????????? <33333333

And now it is finally review time again!!
This time i am reviewing on my skilygirl choco vanilla lip cream pot :))
there are many other flavours to choose from, but i chose this flavour lol...
Cos i like choco >.<
So this is how it looks like!! :))
kawaii packaging right???
So after applying it should look like this!!
so kissable lips! <33333333
Effects: 4/5 really nice , smooth and shiny lips after usage! invisible color!
Price: 5/5 super affordable! hehhehe
Packaging: 3.5/5 i think it cute but i dont like to use my finger to apply my much??
will i repurchase this again? YES, of course but maybe i will want to try out other flavours too!!
So next i am gonna review on my oil control facial mist which i just bought..
this mist helps to oil control, allow my make up last longer , allow easier and more even out blending of cream on face too!!
Effects: 5/5 there is no breakouts so far and it actuall helps to treat my skin too as it looks better now!! (^~^)//
Price: 5/5 it is really affordable!!
packaging:4/5 sweet packaging :))
will i repurchase this again??
Yes of course!!!
So that is all for now yea!!

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