Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yipee!! daily blogging LONG POST!! X PICS SPAM!


Hello all!~~~
yippee finally it is after exams already!! :))

gonna blog daily again!!~ :))

sorry for the lack of updates >.<
and not properly blogging these days...

recently keep getting scolded by my sisters... :((

they just keep scolding and scolding non stop and saying i am stupid..

Anyway, i changed my makeup recently to a more natural look :))
no more double eyelid tape anymore..

ALOT OF things happened in my life recently ...
i got involved in things that i should not and my whole family is condeming me like mad now >.<
restricting my freedom to the max,, i really dont know what to say and do except to abide to their requests for me... hais...
sad holidays which i did not expect it to be...:((

So here the pics spam which i took recently :s

                                 Photo: Finally my stupid dAmm sad and stressful period over le !!!

So here are some really recent photos of different styles i have..:))
lols just trying out new look here and there to improve my make up style and skills.. hopefully hehheheh
So yesterday i went out with twinie to do rebonding and on the way out we met one of my long time no see bestie from my JC!! >.<
happy grins***
So goodbye ugly grass hair!! hahahhahaha
 Photo: Goodbye ugly hair ✌
Photo: I love being with my Twinie and old bestie ✌
So here is the end result of my rebonded hair :))
 Photo: My rebounded hair!
and my twinie got the last authentic liz lisa wallet too!!
hehheheh that comes with March cutie mag!! :))
Photo: Liz Lisa wallet last one!
and some time around last week i gotten myself some hydraulic acid makeup remover too
and i spotted this too hehhe but i did not buy this though.. as i dont really wanna spend on mags
these days anymore as they dont really help me much ...
Photo: English vivi mag !
and i spotted KATY mag too!!!!! <3333
Wah !!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ but i never buy too haisz....
omg!! i really adore misaki izuoka!!!!!!!
and last night i did mask as usual...
the mask is some taiwan brand it is a herbal anti acne mask..
So here is my short review on the mask!!
quality of the sheet: 4/5 very smooth on the face, feels very comfy too
price: 4/5 quite affordable :)) i bought a box of it and it is the last one too lol!!
effects:3.5/5 it did not give me any breakouts.. and it did also help treat my pimpls abit too :p
packaging: 3/5 i find it ok ok only..
will i repurchase this again?
maybe ?? lol..
Photo: Yay!! ✌✌ got to watch one piece movie last night the last slot Somemore !! After wanting to watch so long !!
and the best part is i get to watch the exclusive one piece movie !!
and this is the souvenir included hehehhehe
and yesterday i bought some items back with me too!!
as usual.. beauty products hehhhe
wait for my reviews yea...
so here are the items hehhehe
btw, here is my new nail color!!
Photo: My new nail color
hheheh i finally bought myself hada labo sun milk and liese cocktail hair spray
and i dont know whether to buy this v shape heating mask anot ?!
i wanna my v shaped face!!! argh!!!!!
So that is al for nowl!!
stay tune to my blog !! :))
byebye <33333333

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