Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New hauls again!! REVIEWS!

Hi guys!! :))

So today i am gonna share with you all my new hauls once again hehheheh

i really need a lots of beauty products because i am so ugly T.T
anyway gonna do review s here too!~~

hehhehehe :))

So here are my reviews for these 2 items heheheheh :p
1st up: Hada labo uv milk!!!
So here are its functions hahhahaha....

It is say to have alot of moisture contents ok what really attracts me to buy this is because
some of my fav blogger reviewed on it and said it is good!! wahahhaha

Effects: 4/5 i like its very watery and smooth texture and that once it blend into the skin it is colorless instantly
Price: 3/5 quite costly..
Packaging: 3/5 very normal looking though.. simple..
smell: 3/5 no smell from this though..lols..

will i repurchase it again??
heheheh maybe?? not sure for now... :))

But i really quite like this product!!!

2nd: liese hair cocktail

Effects: 3.5/5 quite ok and it makes my hair not so dry and frizzy i guess??
packaging: 4/5  it is pink!! my fav color!! so i kind of like it!!!
price: 3/5 quite affordable.. costly abit..
smell: 5/5 really nice smell!!! :D

So i bought these 2 items today!!
my hair mask and a mini bio essence miracle spray for hair, face and body!!!
gonna review them as soon as i get to try them out hahhahaha...
So today i lent some books from the library too since it is holidays now and i really need to read up
on self help books to improve myself mentally...and mature..
yea... so yup i already started reading them just already hahhaha
need to brush up on my jap skills by watching jap dramas too soon perhaps hahahhahaha
So that is it for now yea!!
Btw, i am back to daily blogging again already so visit here more often ok??

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