Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hello all !~~
Today just back from some errands and movie
i managed to watch
after waiting for it so long!! even though i am afraid of this kind of movie though...
                                 Photo: Woohoo !~ jack and the giant slayer movie time finally hehhe day one !!;))

wahhahahahah :p

So i shall do a short movie review here lols..

Personally, i am quite timid.. so kind of scary when i see the giants :x
But overall it was quite a not bad movie and the plot is quite ingenious as in the way jack dealt with the giants lols... for me it was not too long for the duration and not boring at all hehhehe
i quite enjoyed this movie.. even though my heart was beating quite fast in some scenes .. the scary parts only.. lols.

So that is all!! Do watch it too hehhe if you love adventure movies !!~~~

i changed my makeup abit today though... as usual..

                                  Photo: Painful memories force you to face reality and grow up ;(

and then i spotted this really cute wreck it ralph gaming machine so similar to the movie itself!!
wahahhahah :) so damm cute right???

After that we went to walk walk and we bought stuffs back.. :))

My sis's long awaited taiwan beauty mist and my Sakurina 's produced FAIRY lashes!!!~~ wahhahaha

i managed to buy them quite cheaply and my design is kind of low in stock when i purchased it ... as i bought the most natural ones..

so please wait for my review on this lashes!!! >.< cant wait to try these out hahahhahaha

so that is all for now yea..
byebye <333333

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