Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy vday 2013

Hello all for the lack of updates...

this year vday i did not get to spend my Vday with my boy i am so sorry :(

i was feeling really down inside...

i did want my bad mood to affect him...

but i really want to make up to him.. :(

he is not giving me a chance now..

btw.. i wish every couple everlasting happiness!!

:)) btw some recent picas for you all!!


Sometimes, i really wonder what i want..
i am gonna do some reviews and i gonna change my hair style soon too!! >.<
Exams is near.. i am mugging so really sorry for the lack updates but  i will be back pretty soon@~~

                                Photo: Day 2

                               Photo: Loving my wavy hair here :)) on day 1 :p


So that is all for now yea??

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