Sunday, April 21, 2013

sorry for the lack of updates..

Hi guys so sorry for the lack of updates..

i will be blogging more frequent the next few days and weeks and be more hardworking?
hhehehe >.<

am currently blogging before bedtime

quite shagged now dont really wanna think of any things especially emo things just wanna do what i want and chill..

went out today with mommy to watch Judgement day ..
quite a nice movie (^~^)//
and we went to eat in hongkong xin wang cafe too!!
the food there was quite nice!!<33
yum yum!!~~
yesterday attended dear's friend bday chalet..
there are alot of unpleasent things that happened in the past making me cherish my proper present now..
no more dirty things no more forcing myself to do things against my will and  i am trying to cope all alone.....
no amount of makeup.. can hide all the ugliness..
 just trying to conceal better my low self esteem,,
but i am glad dear told me even without all the makeup he will love me still :)
no more paying for myself....
no more threatens.....
all i want is a peaceful and simple life..
Bought a new dress which was on the display last piece today***
Bought a new mask too which i am gonna review about soon...
So that is all for now ..,
byebye xoxoxo

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