Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NIP + Fab Bust fix cream X Dove nutri oil hair serum reviews!!

Hi guys !! long time no see!! kekeke***

I have been so lazy to blog daily as i am stuck with my household chores and gaming of candy crush
and of cos.. doing some other stuffs like going out with twinie and friends here and there..


i accompanied twinie and her bestie out several days ago..

was quite enjoyable..

So now it is finally time for the reviews..

It is the winner for brazillan women choice :))
and winner of cleo mag award too btw..

1st: Nip + fab bust fix cream
Effects: 3.5/5 hahha my bust size did increase a little..:))) when applied it smells alright and soft on skin too :p
price: quite costly..as i am still a student only.. :(
Packaging: 3/5 simple but i dont really like the color and design :x

will i repurchase again???

hahha this is my second tube already !! wahahhaha

2nd: Dove nutri oil hair serum
Effects: 4/5 it smells nice and it really soften my hair and its friziness :D
Price: 4/5 quite affordable :)
Packaging: 3/5 the bottle is quite small  but the design is handy and classic !

will i repurchase again?
yea! of cos ! i like this one :) hehhehehe

So that is all for now yea.. byebye cya soon!!!~~ <33333333

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