Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i hope this time i am right.. no more tears.. no more perverts

hi guys, my school term has started once again..

now i am school blogging while waiting for <3

starving.. >.<

anyway i am damm stressed with my GPA now T.T

i do hope things will pick up for me this sems ..

so gonna share with you all picas that my <3 and i have taken over the past few days..

we have been tgt for quite some time already..

i hope this bf will not cheat on me.. and get tired of me..

to be honest when i first know him i wasnt looking for any relationship..

everything just happened unexpectedly..

i was so sad back then...
i just felt that i will be all alone..

my mum is fine with him...:)
but the sad past is haunting me just like i always feel insecure that one day he will be a pervet and dont want me anymore >.<
i really need to get a hold of myself.. this time slowly dont fall too hard if not .. i dont know what will become of me..>.<

so that is all for now..

byebye<33 will blog again soon hehheheh

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