Friday, April 26, 2013

improved inspired look..

Hi peeps!!


SO today is another pretty relaxing and chilling day..,

didnt want to think much these days just wanna do what i am supposed to do.. and that is it!!

and was working on my inspired look and so here are some pics..

and i bought a new product just to create this look as i encountered a problem that is my lower mascara always smudge!  >.<

and in the end i will look like a panda bear :(

O.O then i decided to get this new product to try out after reading som good ratings and review on it.:))

okk.. so i bought myself a new lower lash mascara from canmake!!
and i am gonna review on it soon hehhehe
hope this will not disappoint me >.<
cross fingers***
and just bought my mummy bday present in advance too just now
so that is pretty much all for now..
byebye <33333333

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