Thursday, April 4, 2013

new inspiration...

hi everyone sorry for the missing in action for the past few weeks??


so sorry as i did not have any mood to do so.. and was preoccupied too.
alot of things happened..

have been out these few days...
relaxing and running errands.. a temp job at CLARINS
and i managed to watch several movies.. like IP final fight, the croods, saving general yang..
and am currently to some songs ...

and keep doing some housework to keep myself from over thinking too..

and recently i am obessed with kpop girl band rainbow.. Cho hyun young!!
She look so sweet and cute in their latest release Tell me tell me >.<

Photo: Without plastic surgery she can become so pretty too i wanna work hard and be like her >.<

Recently she was also accused of doing plastic surgery...

Which she did not :)

She just slimmed down 7 kg and her double eyelids are due to her continuous effort with her double eyelid tapes..

i am so motivated by her after seeing this ...
wanna be like her...

Hope this will somehow inspired you all to look good too
??? lols..

               Photo: My dressing represent my mood for each day


hahha see my new iphone casing??
Mommy and big sis gotten it for me from Bangkok :)

They bought twinie and i clothings and hair serum haven tried the hair product yet.. though and lazy to take pic to show you all gonna review on it .. if possible :)

So that is all for now yea.. gonna update again soon :)

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