Sunday, April 28, 2013

New things...


Hello this is advanced post for tmr...

as there are some things i recently tried and bought ...
so wanna share with you all them XD

1st of all, i just tried taiwan's famous black balls yesterday ..

it is quite nice... but too much jellies and too starchy for me already ;(
i will not want to eat it again >.<
the price is quite costly for a bowl of dessert too..
and i just now i just bought myself this new cleansing wipes for my makeup remover .. :)
the packaging is irresistably kawaii isnt it??
hehhehehehe <3333333
gonna try it out soon and hopefully do a review on it ...
and next is one of my all time green tea snack !! <333
yum yum ;p
kawaii packaging too ..
lastly, is my newly bought facial cleanser which i am yet to try out and gonna do a review on soon!!
Japan's Kracie's green tea cleanser!~~

hehhehe do stay tune .. :)
So that is all for now yea..

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