Saturday, April 13, 2013

Work + review on my latest hauls!


Hi peeps..

This post gonna be about my rant on my temp job offer at Marina bay sands fashion show me working for the fashion show....
it was quite ok... very slack and boring the only plus point was i can get to see part of the fashion show only..


it was tiring as the timing was from evening to night..

went out for prayer, shopping and watched the movie GI joe with my family..

meanwhile i bought this v shape mask while walking around with <3
So i decided to get one for twinie too wahhaha
Effects: 3.5 not obvious results but got the tigtening feel...:)
Price: 4/5 affordable! :)
Packaging: 3/5 simple and classic :)
will i repurchase it again??
hahha maybe yes? hehhehe
 because i am obessed with having a  V shape face >.<
and also i bought a new sunblock which is the latest in japan and recently crazed about in my country as well...:) weeessss
I used it today already
it has a creamy and watery texture that can blend easily quite well into the skin..
i tried it on my face..
it is colorless :)
effects: 4/5 it haven caused me any outbreaks yet..
price: 4/5 affordable
packaging 3.5/5 simple and classic
will i repurchase it again?
maybe yes .. but i am quite fickle hehhe but overall i quite like this product ^~^
so that is all for now yea..

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