Saturday, November 2, 2013

Snow City X national orchid park X laneige snow bb cushion review! LONG POST X PHOTO BOMB !!


Hello peeps!!
it has been so  long since i last updated here.. X.X

So lazy me!! >.<

Yesterday went science center & snow city with boyfie <33 ^.^

was very excited but then i got hit on my head T.T



and we also bought back some souvenirs from the science center


love rhe mickey doughnut pen he bought for me so much!! <33
Quite costly and not worth it but he still bought for me ** touched!!!


So gooD!! having such a doting boyfie and so willing to splurge on me !!


Before this, boyfie surprised me with a trip to the national orchid park which i never been to before!






We have gotten ourselves a mini souvenir from the national orchid park lol!!

Taken with my polaroid at the park!!

My new instax pouch!! :P

Discovered this instax vending machine while walking around with boyfie!! <33

lol twinie bought these disney pouch and mine is the sleeping minnie <33

Now my review for my Laneige BB snow cushion!!


So recently after much consideration, i decided to order the laniege bb snow cushion online
which is so much cheaper!! i purchased the lightest shade!

And it finallyarrived at my doorstep!!


The best thing is that when i opened it! it actually comes with a refill pack too!
i am like wah!!! O.O

Effects: 5/5

then i proceeded to trying and testing it out on my hands to see the effects and shade
and i really like its effects and its coverage

so natural the finishing effects and the coverage is good enough!

The next day i went out for my snow city date i decided to use it alone with any other concealer or sunblock and it look so nice and so dewy!!''

packaging 4/5

Classic and simple and best of all very portable and handy because it comes in a compact form!

Price 3/5

Costly!! $_$ i paid for the special air delivery method as it does not allow for normal express air shipping >.<

and its retail price is SGD$60!!


i bought this new white fluffy off shoulder top too!


lol for our 7th monthsary he wanted to surprised me with these DIY monster university figurine

which i cannot complete at all and did it wrongly which he redo it and piece them togther one by one

Our next stop for our dating destination will be the gardens by the bay@ marina sands which i also never been to before lol!!

Boyfie wons this pair of tickets! lucky us!!

And he passed me one of the tickets

Looking forward to going this place soon!! :D

Bye bye!! <33

will update soon!!
so stay tune !!



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