Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Date with baby happy 7th monthsary!!

Hi peeps

I am feeling dam blessed with last my boy for 7months already :D

This 7th months journey we have been through a lot
from quarrels , to almost breakups.. tons of happiness till now


yesterday we went to catch the movie "THORS" O.O

it was quite nice and the story line has some twists

he bought me this TONY MOLY cleanser

which I am yet to use yet as I haven finish using my current cleanser lol..
but I cant wait to try it out fast though >.<
will do a review soon if possible hehehhe

Bought for him an Armani shirt which I ordered online which is yet to arrive yet
and I ordered a Haviannas sandals for him too!! wahhhaha cant wait for their arrival and see him wearing them so dashing!!!!!!!!!! wah!! <333

addicted to my favourite white chocolate kinder bueno as usual !! <333
hehehhe guilty pleasure** so sinful >.<

was trying out some fad diets recently though.. the results I am not so sure yet..

so haven do a review yet

So please stay tune to know my diet tip I am trying out??

that is all for now ..


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