Wednesday, November 27, 2013

REVIEWs ON DAILY FRESH GREEN TEA MASK X NIVEA normal skin makeup remover cleasing wipes sheets!

Hi peeps remember in my previous post, I mentioned about I bought this mask??
Well, today I am gonna do a review on it..
I used it last 2 days ago at night before bedtime..
I bought the last one.. hehehehe!!!
I wanted to buy this to try it out after seeing famous ulzzang pony strongly recommend using green tea to wash her face.. Because of the skin benefits of catechins! She claim that all her small pimples were gone using this technique lols!! 

But sadly when I used matcha to wash my face it kinda of break me out so I don't dare to use green tea to wash my face anymore #>.<#


Price: 5/5 Affordable!!
Effects: 4/5 my small pimples were gone after using this !! Quite satisfied with its visible instant results
Packaging:3/5 Normal and simple very Korean natural looking lol  ..
will I repurchase it again??
YES ! of course!!! wahahahaaha

Next, I will do a review on another of my recent purchase of my new makeup remover..

Price: 4 /5 Quite Affordable!!
Packaging:3.5/5 Normal looking, very simple and classic packaging, lightweight and smooth
Effects: 3/5 I don't really like this products a lot but is ok with it.. because although it really does help to remove my stubborn eye makeup but I don't think it removes my skin makeup entirely or thoroughly because there are still some breakouts and I think is because perhaps I didn't remove it properly or something.. hais..
Will, I repurchase this again?
maybe ?? lol I prefer Bifesta make up remover now >.<  which is a slightly more costly option T.T
lol yesterday had a craving for these gummies and get boyfie to help me get one only but he gotten me 2 packs instead <333 heheheh super sweet right??!!
Love die him!! wees!!**
So that is all for now yea...


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