Friday, November 8, 2013

Bitstrips X Slimspa tea review

Hi peeps!!

I am finally back with another short review here!!

remember I mentioned I was on diet ??

hahah my secret here is slimspa green tea which I purchased not long ago when my female colleague
commented that I look like I put on some weight >.<

I am like ARGH!! >.< what should I do about it ????!

 I chanced upon this while walking around and it was on promotion wahhahaha!!!

without much thought I purchased it ..


So like after 3 weeks, I didn't think I slim down a lot
but it did aids my bowels movement abit O.O

my chubby face remains >.<

So I thinking whether so I buy another of this box to see the effects later
maybe this takes time...


but the tea is ok only I don't really fancy the taste of this tea..
maybe I should try the peach flavour one instead??

I didn't dare to weight myself the last weight was 40kg before I consumed this tea >.<

so overall I am not sure whether I will repurchase this again anot..
maybe I want to try the peach flavour one instead later

rating for this product overall is 3/5

Next up, recently, my boyfie introduced and helped me download this really cutesy
iphone app

called "Bitstrips" and I like it :D

I made so many comics about myself and boyfie <33

here are they


hope you all these lame comics came up by me
yesterday we passed by a minion wrist bands machine
and boyfie managed to get me
so that is all for now ...

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